Water Damage Restoration


Water Damage Restoration

Water damage restoration is preventing or reducing the level of water damage that happens after a severe leak or a bad flood. Proper mitigation involves taking swift and appropriate measures.

Water damage restoration is needed any time water gets into your home due to a plumbing failure or as a result of a major storm. Ruined furniture, warped floors, and damaged walls are just the start of the nightmare if you don’t seek water mitigation services immediately.

When To Call For Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is pervasive and can be costly if not addressed immediately. Water damage can progress rapidly especially if flood damage professionals are not contacted within 48 hours of the incident.

As soon as the water damage is detected:

  • Stay calm so you can think clearly.
  • Place wet documents inside a plastic bag and place in freezer.
  • If the plumbing is damaged, turn off the home’s main water valve to prevent additional leaking.
  • Turn off the electrical breaker box before you try to unplug or move any electrical devices.
  • Place aluminum foil under the feet of any furniture in contact with wet carpet or water to prevent permanent discoloration.
  • Lift curtains and drapes to prevent further water damage.
  • Lift up the skirts on upholstered furniture to prevent further damage.
  • Remove items that can cause stain damage such as books, potted plants, shoes or fabrics.

Things To Avoid At All Costs

Never use your personal vacuum cleaner to clean up the water damage. You run the risk of damaging your equipment and creating a potentially lethal shock hazard.

Never use newspaper to tread on the damaged areas. Doing so may permanently stain your carpet or floor and increase the extent of the damage.

Avoid walking on the carpet or floor since this may spread the damage to other areas.

Shop vacuums or carpet cleaning companies do not have the expertise to remove water from walls, subfloors, or baseboards. Improper handling or a lack of water damage expertise may lead to additional mold damage and further property loss.

Proper water mitigation is also important because of the humidity hazard. If water isn’t mitigated correctly excessive humidity can still damage items not directly affected by water. You also run the risk of creating a food source for mold which creates additional health hazards and material damage. Our services will see to it that your home is clean and dry after the water damage.

Quality Cleaning & Restoration, DKI.

Water Removal and Extraction

Our water damage experts will bring in our specialized water removal and mitigation equipment to quickly remove the water from your basement and the other affected areas of your home. We expedite the removal process with little or no wait-time for the water levels to go down or drain out. Our specialists will employ the use of large commercial fans and dehumidifiers to accelerate the drying process.

Cleaning and removing valuables and other contents is a key step in the mitigation process. Our water damage specialists will document, clean, and pack out your contents in the water damaged area during this process. You will have access to your items to review with your insurance company if applicable. If you have items that are salvageable we will clean them.

Repairing Structural Damage

Our restoration specialists will inspect all of the walls in the affected areas for water damage. We will remove and replace affectedstructure to prevent further long-term damage and to prevent mold and mildew from forming.

Water-damaged carpets are a breeding ground for mold. Our water damage restoration specialists will remove and replace damaged carpet as a routine step in our mitigation process. We eliminate further risks to your property and to your family’s health by making your home safe and livable once more!

Complete Water Damage Remediation

Our water damage remediation process will ensure that your home does not become an environment for mold to grow and thrive. We will work with your homeowner's insurance during the water damage claim process to help ease the disruption and stress of a cleanup. Quality Cleaning and Restoration, DKI. Restoring Lives. One Home at a Time
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