Sewage Cleanup


Sewage Damage Cleanup

When your home or business’s sewage system sustains damage, call a professional immediately. Let our professionals take care of the damage and the hazardous task of site cleanup and restoration. Sewage damage has numerous health and environmental risks for those that live or work around the affected area. As a result, sewage cleanup should be done quickly and effectively. In addition, sewage cleanup is a multi-step process designed to mitigate the physical damage and biohazard health risk.. Our experts from Quality Cleaning & Restoration, DKI, are trained and well equipped to deal all of the phases of sewage damage mitigation and cleanup.

Here are the health risks

Sewage cleanup involves the complete removal of all human waste, debris and contaminated water. Exposed sewage poses a potential health hazard to those individuals near it. The biohazard waste that associated with sewage exposure requires chemical disinfectantto manage it properly. Improper handling and exposure to sewage can result in skin irritation or lead to catching infectious diseases such as hepatitis A.

What we do for your sewage clean up

We will assess the damage and give you a plan and an estimate for dealing with the sewage mitigation and cleanup. We will remove the waste water, sludge andother debris. We will clean and disinfect the affected areasand repair and restore the damaged areas to pre-loss condition.

We will also work with your insurance company directly so you can focus on your family or your business.

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