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Prevent Flooding of your House: This will save the day

Flooding is believed to be the number one national disaster in the United States with thousands of people filing insurance claims every year due to flooding that are worth almost three billion dollars. Due to a lack of knowledge, people often fail to anticipate a possible flooding that occurs during winter through the quick melting of ice and snow. This is known as winter thaw. Flooding of your home or office can also occur due to cracked pipes, flash flood, and through the cracks in the foundation.To prevent any kind of devastating basement flooding here are a few things that you need to take into consideration.

Fill and Seal Cracks

Inspect your house very carefully to identify and possible gaps or cracks on the floor, walls or in the foundation of the house which can be the access point for flood water. If you identify any crack, make sure to seal it carefully. You can use the epoxy on the foundation cracks. However, if the crack looks too big for you to handle, it is always recommended to go for a professional.

Clean Gutters and Downspouts

You will also need to clean the downspouts and gutters in order to remove all the debris that deposited and blocked your gutter system. Otherwise, clogged drains will prevent proper water drainage away from the foundation of your house. Downspouts should drain about six and a half feet away from the home to avoid foundation damage.

Place Plants or Shrubs Around your Home

Planting flowers, shrubs and plants all around your house is a great way to absorb the excess water. You can also installporous pavement to serve the purpose.

Have a Plumber Install a Sump Pump

Call a plumber to inspect your plumbing carefully. An expert will be able to tell you if your plumbing needs repair. Install a sump pump in your house since they are highly effective for pumping out and redirecting the water from the sump basin.The sump pump has to be installed in the lowest part of your basement in order to work effectively. Inspect it on a regular basis to make sure that it is clean. Sump pumps need the power to function so ensure it has a reliable electrical source.

Remember, flooding is one of the most damaging natural disasters. Invest time and resources now to seal up your house to prevent the water from making its way to your foundation or other parts of the house. Call the professionals at Quality Cleaning & Restoration, DKI to help assess your situation and to guide you in the right direction.